Passionate Careers & Positive Lifestyles

iFocus Mission features a powerful syndicate of entrepreneurs, social leaders, eminent scholars, contemporary professionals.

The World of Fundamental Leadership

iFocus Mission stands as a platform to encourage the ideology of positive thinking in individuals of all ages and all stages.

Monthly & Weekly Power Meetups

Weekly Breakfast Meets & Monthly Super Sunday's - a conglomeration of all members of the mission to review, exercise and propagate the objectives of the mission.


iFocus Mission focuses on bringing out the inherent positive qualities, promotes the culture of enriching one’s wisdom, aspires to help people effectively manage today’s world of complexities, conflicts, and contradictions with great confidence, courage, and composure.

Eminent personalities from various walks-of-life including social leaders, academicians, eminent scholars, and contemporary professionals participate in the mission’s events.

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If there is any place where you could really explore your potential and excel in your life, if there is any place where you could re-invent the values and ethics that are way lost in this generation, and if there is any place which helps you gain confidence and inexhaustible is i-Focus.

Jayadev Hariyapureddythrough Facebook

I-focus mission is the best platform to transform ourselves into a better person than what we are now (nothing but exploring ourselves). Two words ''Passionate Careers'' and ''Positive Lifestyles'' describe I-focus. A large network of passionate people on one platform - iFocus.

Akhila Burmathrough Facebook

A place to enable skills, leadership, humanity and introduces to yourself. Whatever might be your goal, you will achieve it after coming here 😊

Kishore Komirisettythrough Facebook