Road Shows, Rallies and Social events

iFocus conducts a  variety of Road shows to create social awareness among the public. All these road shows are actively volunteered and undertaken by the youth at various centers in twin cities.

  1. Traffic Focus: A road shows to highlight traffic compliance and how it helps improve our transport system etc. are conveyed through placards and banners. An initiative undertaken by Mythree members to ease the congested traffic systems in Hyderabad by educating, motivating the general public and vehicle users in particular. Awareness about road discipline, safety and need to follow traffic rules is created through display of signboards and assisting the concerned authorities.
  2. Voter Focus: Road shows and ‘college to college’ campaigning is undertaken improve voter registration and voting turn out during elections is carried very frequently. Emphasis is on electing right people for a better India.
  3. Nature Focus: ‘Go Green Ganesha’ (using clay idols instead of PoP statues) and planting of saplings are the main motives that are conveyed in this road show and are being carried on every year in the months of July or August.
  4. Culture Focus:  Sobha yatra’, ‘Vijaya yatra’, ‘Sneha yatra’ are carried on during festival times to convey the importance and rationale behind our festivals and encouraging the public about preserving, carrying forward our legacy and heritage to future generations.