Power Framework

Passionate Careers through Pushpak


Pushpak, the vision statement for 2020, was launched on the occasion of JayaPrada 2015. Through this model, iFocus Mission intends to bring about perfect synergies in the lives of youth ensuring greater employability and empowerment. Pushpak includes career clubs and workshops. Career clubs are formed in the following domains to take forward the initiative: Science & Technology, Pharma & Medical, Management & Finance, Arts & Literature, and other fields. Personalized hand holding, mentoring, sharing of knowledge, experiences, information and opportunities would be facilitated in a series of interactions among the senior members and youth members of the mission.


Positive Lifestyles through Saptaswa


Sapthaswa initiative was launched to promote 360 degree Samardhata, Samagrata and Bhaarateeyata. Seven interconnected, key elements of success, symbolically represented as horses form the logo. This program encourages and promotes Physical/ Fitness Consciousness, Etiquette Consciousness, Career Consciousness, Home Consciousness, Social Service Consciousness, Networking Consciousness, and Spiritual Consciousness.