Power Portfolio

Super Sunday’s

The first Sunday of every month is organised as super Sunday. Many ifocus members include students, career aspiring/unemployed youth, working professional’s get-together to share their views and experiences about respective jobs.These insights help the budding professionals and career seekers to build stronger livelihoods by learning from the mistakes of others. Eminent personalities are invited to address the members to inculcate leadership qualities.



Breakfast Meets

These meets are organized on the other Sundays of the month. Breakfast meets are meant for the youth /students to connect with experienced professionals and understand the practical aspects of their education. Eminent scholars, successful professionals, participate in these interactive sessions. Industry trends, current practices and about upcoming opportunities are discussed.



Sanjiwani club

It is an initiative to support and encourage the youth towards self-employment. Mythree iFocus Trust members who have started their own ventures come together and meet in this club. Around 25 people gather on every Saturday to hone their networking skills and explore business opportunities. Case studies, issues from their personal business experiences are shared by the members to find solutions, opportunities and identify resource persons in these interactions. The objective is to create employment for others by encouraging self-employment.



Road Shows, Rallies and Social events

iFocus conducts a variety of road shows to create social awareness among the public. All these road shows are actively volunteered and undertaken by the youth at various centers in twin cities.

Traffic Focus: To highlight traffic compliance and how it helps improve our transport system etc. are conveyed through placards and banner and assisting the concerned authorities. An initiative undertaken by Mythree members to ease the congested traffic systems in Hyderabad.

Voter Focus: Road shows and ‘college to college’ campaigning is undertaken improve voter registration and voting turn out during elections is carried very frequently. Emphasis is on electing right people for a better India.

Nature Focus: ‘Go Green Ganesha’ (using clay idols instead of PoP statues) and planting of saplings are the main motives are promoted every year during the months of July or August.

Culture Focus:  Sobha yatra’, ‘Vijaya yatra’, ‘Sneha yatra’ are carried on during festival times to convey the importance and rationale behind our festivals and encouraging the public about preserving, carrying forward our legacy and heritage to future generations.

Student Focus: With an idea to make Education and academics for children more lively and stress free, rallies are organized particularly during SSC, Intermediate examinations. Message is to encourage students efforts and success rather than just syllabus completion or ranks. Dhairya Yatras seek to reduce examination fear and social stigma.



Success Stories


M Suchindra Timmaji

Tax Consultant

Belief in passionate careers and positive lifestyles changed my perception towards my own life. Life for a failure seems to be very scattered and looks like all the doors are closed – my journey with ifocus started then when I was feeling the same. I do not hesitate to acknowledge that life has changed since then. All that I have learned from its ideology has helped to pave my own way for my success in all walks of my life . Where ever I had thought to make a mark – be it in my college activities or in my professional anchoring or in cracking interviews in one shot in 3 giant MNC’s – it was with one weapon called ‘ifocus’. Three word ideology of Samardhata-Samagrata-Bharateeyata helped in my spiritual development. All that I can say is it gave me a celebrity status at the age of 21.

Sathish Taak

Marketing Manager, Ola Cabs. IIM-C

“…the Idea of “Think Big” imparted to us at Ifocus Mission challenged my thought process and translated into securing me a seat at IIM Calcutta. In my opinion, both Ifocus and IIMC taught me the same thing i.e. the courage to take bold decisions. My internship and job interviews stand example to it, I was asked by all my seniors not to say in interview that I want to join my family business in the next 3-5 years as that could hamper my job opportunities. I took my own way and decided to say it and landed one of the most interesting and entrepreneurial oriented career opportunities at a highly rated & reputed start-up, Ola Cabs, as a Marketing Manager. Ifocus helped me develop a much broader thought process and think beyond the obvious.